Cruising Cost

When John and I started to think about choosing this lifestyle one of our concerns was cost.  Can we do it and not work anymore?  We thought long and hard and made the decision that when we could retire at age 55 we each would and we would make this happen.  So we own our boat out right and we have sold our “land” home and cars.  We carry boat insurance just like we did on our cars and home and we have regular monthly cost for: phone, storage unit and insurance.  We have set our selves a budget and will share it with you so that you can see, it is doable.  Our daily budget is $100.  Some days we may spend more and some days we may spend nothing.  It should all work out in the end.

The headings:

Fuel-gas, diesel and propane.  We use gas for our generator, propane to cook, heat our water and drive the dingy.  The diesel is for our twin engines.

Ball/Marina-cost to tie up.  We hope to anchor so that cost can be lower.

Food-cost of grocery’s and what we eat on the boat.

Travel-flights, Uber, Lyft, rental  vehicle.

Maintance-cost to fix or do work on the boat.

Entertainment-cost to eat, drink out or do other stuff.

Misc.-anything that does not fit into the other categories.

Month-Year Fuel Marina/Ball Food Travel Maintenance Entertainment Misc Month Total
Nov-18 328 1772 647 1098 19 601 789 5254
Dec-18 27 1169 1213 1715 717 717 540 6098
2018 Total 355 2941 1860 2813 736 1318 1329 11352
Jan-19 373 1050 1051 85 0 452 269 3280
Feb-19 205 0 950 0 0 583 26 1764