Dolphin Spa Day

Ok, I will explain the title of this blog a little later. We left Osprey Marina at about 8:45 am on 10/23. We did not get to enjoy bagels as they had not been put out before we left, so off we go with our normal breakfast of yogurt for John and Potted Meat and crackers for me. It was very sunny and warm and we saw 2 gators and several dolphins. We anchored two nights in a row at two separate anchorages. It was nice to be “on the hook” again. But this area of SC has 7 foot tide shift. You don’t want to anchor at high tide in less than 7 foot of water.

We left anchorage very early as we planned to make it to Beaufort SC and dock at the city marina. We needed to make the Ladies Island Swing bridge before 3 pm or we would have to wait till after 6 for an opening. As we were heading there and right as it was becoming low tide we were waved at by a small stuck power boat. It was stuck on a sandbar. Now, in case you don’t know John, he is a Good Samaritan. He is waved over by a boater in need, he is going to try and help. Well the sand bar was getting bigger and bigger and they were getting higher up on the sand. At first we thought we would take s/v Dreamers to help, but the water was to “skinny” for us. I suggested trying to use the dingy. John did but we did not have enough horsepower to pull it out. At the last we saw them, they were gonna call Sea Tow. I am sure they got out either with help or waiting on the tide to rise. But we got through the bridge and docked at Beaufort SC City Marina. John went to Bi-Lo and I did laundry. After that we walked to dinner at Luther’s and “Stretch” waited on us and we got his yummy Pot Stickers. Yum! The next day we planned to move a few hours south to Skull Creek Marina and eat at Skull Creek Boathouse. We booked but did not know the marina was not within walking distance to the restaurant. So Uber to the rescue and we ate and drank (John Miller Lite and me Painkillers). It was yummy and we even had the same server Charlie we had last May while at the timeshare with Bonnie, Richard and Katie. The tide was so high and the current pinned us to the dock we could not get away from the dock till about 11:30. So we left then and got fuel and pumped out.

On 10/27 we crossed into GA and that was where she saw the dolphin spa day. Now it could have been several things, and we did not get any photos you can tell me what you think. As we were moving through a very shallow and narrow area we saw a bunch of mud on the sides of the ICW. The dolphins were either sliding up onto the mud like Killer Whales going after baby seals or having a mud bath at the afore mentioned “spa day” or they had an itch and were rubbing their backs in the rough mud. Oh I wish you could have seen it! On Monday 10/28 and Tuesday 10/29 we anchored on rivers in GA it was not bad there. We saw lots of dolphin but we got bit by lots and lots of noseeums. My Natural Bug Spray made with essential oils worked good and smelled great. I also did not have that smell of Off. I will bypass GA anytime.

The morning of 10/27 we left out of Doboy Sound Inlet in GA for an over night jump out. The ocean started with just some rolly waves but it was a great day. Of course once the sun went down it got very bumpy. I kept asking John is it the waves or are we hitting sleeping dolphin. I am gonna hope it was just waves. We came into FL at about 7 am at The Ponce de Leon Inlet and made it to the Titusville City Marina for a 2 night stay. Awwwwww it will be great to sleep.

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