Windy Days are Marina Days

On 10/18 we said goodbye to the great folks at Dowry Creek Marina to head to one of our favorite anchorages, Back Creek off of Adams Creek. It was a cool but sunny day and we made good time hitting a max speed of 7.4 knots with the assist of the main sail. We traveled with a large pack of cruisers off and on all day. We had a yummy dinner and since I was still getting over a cold, I went to bed early.

Morning came to this quite anchorage and I got some good photos. Over coffee(nectar of the gods) we made a change to our plan. We decided to find a marina since there was going to be a lot of wind and rain the next two days.

We made good time to to Topsail Beach Marina. Our max speed was 8.7knots. The rain started just as we pulled up to the dock. Could it NOT wait till after we got tied up? No it could not! We ate dinner had a few beers and headed to bed. While we slept the wind and rain came a calling. The next morning no wind in the marina and just clouds in the sky. We were about a 2 minute walk to the beach so after showers at large and nice bathroom, we headed out for a late lunch. We ate yummy seafood at a Buddy’s right on the beach and watched the waves hit the sand and the surfers hit the waves.

On 10/21 we left our friends at Topsail Beach Marina and headed for the Cape Fear River. We moved very fast reaching a max speed of 8.4 knots. At the South Harbour Boat Ramp Anchorage we dropped anchor at around 4 pm. As we we getting settled we met Robbie a fellow live aboard boater. He lives on a sail boat in that anchorage and was nice enough to come and see if we needed help. We shared our cruising knowledge and he shared some local knowledge. He thinks he may head north or south soon. I hope we run into him again. He was very friendly.

We left early the next morning as we were moving we called to see if we could get into Barefoot Marina in North Myrtle Beach but they were full up so we got some fuel from them and pumped out and then we had to find a new marina for the night. It was sunny and 80 most of the day and we had a good time on the water we saw lots of cool things.

We found a very nice place to stay, Osprey Marina. It was just before the Waccamaw River and down a creek. They are very nice there. $1.00 per foot with a swag bag of gifts, bagels and cream cheese in the morning if you leave after 8 am and high speed WiFi. If you want to stay for the month it is $10 a foot for the month. We met some nice people there and they helped us get tied up. This place could be a keeper.

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