Friends and Family, Oh My!

We made it to Sandyport Resort before or Bonnie and Richard. (Darn airplane delays.)  So we headed for the beach bar Blue Sail for a couple of Sands and Sands Light while we watched the water and waited for our friends.  

Sandyport is what I would call a boutique resort.  It is small, but very friendly and very nice.  We had a great condo with our own balcony to watch the canal.  We got to see some spotted rays and turtles.  Nothing and I mean nothing can compare to the sound of water hitting the rocks outside.  We had dinner at Twisted Lime that first night. (yummy and great service)

Sunday morning the resort provided a continental breakfast and a briefing about what they have to offer and the area.   After that they took us to the grocery store in a shuttle.

The 2nd night we ate at Spritz an Italian restaurant.  All the places we ate at were within walking distance and within the Sandyport neighborhood.  Days were spent at the pool or beach.  We had one rainy day and John did our taxes and poor Bonnie hurt he foot and had to have have some medical attention.  We are all sure glad it was not broken.  It did not stop her one bit from enjoying the pool, beach, yummy dinners and her birthday.

We enjoyed Twisted Lime so much we ate there 3 times and even made it our last hooray!  Olivia was our waitress for 2 night and she was the best.  But all to soon our week of fun came to an end…….But then on to week 2 of vacation.

On 3/23 we head to the airport to say goodbye to Bonnie and Richard and pick up John’s sister Christy.  We are so glad she decided to fly down and spend a few days with us.  Since there was some heavy wind on the first day we decided to enjoy Palm Cay Marina where we had our boat.  It was nice to just enjoy the pool and beach.  We headed for Jaws Beach on 3/25.  It is called that as one of the Jaws movies was filmed in the cove.  Christy even “drove” the boat over.  On the way we passed The Atlantis Resort.  We even saw a parasailer.  Sunrise was beautiful there. 

After a toooooooooo short visit with Christy we headed out and over to Eleuthera.  Looking for the glass window, pink sand and more.

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