Vacation in the Middle of Vacation?

We enjoyed a late lunch at Xuma’s at Highbourne Cay Marina.  I think we will take Christy there.  The next day we headed over to Southwest Allen’s Cay and fed the iguanas and enjoyed a day of swimming  and paddle boarding in the very calm cove.  I was even able to stand up and paddle for awhile.  Unfortunately John was not able to get a photo.  (Sorry Katie maybe next time.)  John saw a ray and a lobster in the water.  It was a nice calm place to hang out.  There was a large tender off a big boat that got stuck in the shallow water.  All the people had to get off and they even had to push it out into deeper water.  Note: make sure of the tide before you anchor somewhere.

After a great day hanging around we headed back to Highbourne to anchor.  The way the wind was going to come up it was the best place to anchor.  We saw a very NICE motor yacht with a slide set up.  I asked John for a slide for next year but he said he did not have enough air in him to blow it up.  Oh well.  It was a very rocky/bouncy night as the winds picked up to about 20 knots.  It calmed down some the next morning so we could make our way up to Nassau.  On the way out we saw a sea plane land and take off.

The motor sail to Nassau was great.  We had the headsail up and we were getting 7.5 to 8 knots.  We were flying.  We did get passed by a beautiful monohull.  John got some great photos and when we got to Palm Cay Marina they were there.  We met Pierre from s/v Renaissance III and we shaired the photos with them.  It is very hard to get photos of you own boat while under sail.  We were in the right place at the right time.  Friday moNing it was laundry and clean up time.  We need to get the boat ready for Christy and since we will be spending the week in Nassau at the Sandyport Resort with Bonnie and Richard, we would not have any other time.  Of course we did have time for some yummy pizza at the beach club here.

Renaissance III under sail with Capt Pierre

On 3/16 we want to wish a happy birthday to VeNessa and we are sorry to have missed her party.  A Wease Birthday Party back home is whole lot of fun and we will miss being with all the family.  We cannot wait to send the week with Bonnie and Richard at Sandyport Beach Resort.  Nassau will never be the same after “Lasky Party of 4” gets finished.

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