George Town Part 2

On 2/19 we moved closer to Kid Cove near Lake Victoria (closer to ice and water). It was less rocky and we enjoyed several days on that side of the harbor. While there we met another couple that have a Wildcat like us. Marc and Isabella of s/v Isla Bonita keep their boat in George Town and fly down for a while in the winter from Canada. They both came aboard to see our boat and look at the changes we made. We were not able to make it to see their boat before we left. I hope we meet up with them again somewhere. On Friday the 22nd the Regatta held the “Round The Island” race. It was a timed start and all the boats went around Stocking Island. John and I decided we would try to find a new location in the harbor so we went from Monument Beach all the way to Sand Dollar Beach looking for a less rocky location. We found a spot at Honeymoon Beach close to shore. That is the good thing about a “cat”. You can get close to shore.

While the “Round The Island” race was fun to listen to on the radio, we could not see much. The “color” commentary by Donna and Lisa was great. We did have a great spot to watch the “In Harbor” race on Sunday and we got some great photos. It was a two lap race we sat on the bow and watched while we listened to Donna and Lisa again. They were very funny!

On Monday the 25th we left George Town to slowly make our way to Nassau. Our first stop was at Emerald Bay Marina for gas and water. After that it was out into the Exuma Sound for a trip up to Musha Cay for a couple of days. The funny thing was that a bunch of boats left George Town when we did and we saw a few while we were getting gas. As we were moving up the sound we kept hearing one of those boats s/v Cupcake trying to hail a vehicle that may have been in distress. At first we could not see her or the other boat but then we saw the smoke and Cupcake. At that point we turned around and headed to help. We were about 5 miles and it was taking us some time to get there. The m/y Patience was also heading that way and they launched their tender. The tender got there very fast and there was only one single handed sailor and he was in his dingy or life raft and was ok. The m/y got there and planned to wait for the sailboat to sink. They were asked if any other assistance was needed and they advised they were fine. When Cupcake and us heard that we both headed on our way. From Facebook we saw that his flexible solar panels caught the canvas bimini on fire.

After that drama we got to Musha Cay and anchored. We stayed 2 nights and one day we swam and drove our dingy around. John and I were both able to practice getting into the dingy from the water it makes it nicer to take the dingy to a snorkel location. We even got photos of The Musician a statute placed in the water near the Cay.

On 2/27 we headed for a short trip back up to Black Point. We did not go into the Sound as the wind had picked up. John had to be on the lookout for shallow areas and coral heads the whole way. At Black Point we were able to make it to Scorpio’s for the cruisers happy hour. We got to meet lots of fun people and then we headed to Deshamons for his famous pizza. It was good.

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