Little Town, Big Boat Community

We left Black Point on 2/12 heading south.  We made great time and anchored in Little Farmers Cay.  The weather was good but it was a swift current and while we did not drag anchor we did swing around a lot.  The next morning we took to the Farmers Cay Cut over to Exuma Sound.  The sound side has much deeper water and the western side of the Exumas has many shallow areas with coral heads to watch out for.  We stayed out for about an hour but the large rolling waves made it feel like a washing machine so we cut back into the west side near Musha Cay.  Musha is a private island with a resort owned by David Copperfield.  You can rent it for $39k per night with a 4 night minimum…….. no thank you, I will stay on my boat!  We dropped anchor for a bit to make some decisions as to where to go.  One of the thinks we wanted to see was the submerged piano and mermaid sculpture that David commissioned and was done by Jason deCaies Taylor.  We did not find it as we decided to head out to the sound and make for a closer stop to George Town.  We headed out of Rudder Cut and the waves were better.  With the wind going (for once) in the right direction we were flying.  John decided we were making good time to make it to George Town before the sun set.

We made it to George Town to stay with about 200 other boats.  There is a BIG cruiser community here and we made it just in time to enjoy their annual regatta.  This is the 39th regatta.  After dropping anchor between Lake Victoria and Stocking Island we enjoyed a quiet night.  Bright and early the next morning we headed into Lake Victoria in the dingy to go to the Exuma Market for provisions. Each morning they have Cruisers Net to give news on all the activities and to welcome new people.  It appears that a daily get together happens on Volleyball Beach where Chat and Chill is, so we headed there to see what was up.  After enjoying a bottle or two of Sands Beer we learned of an variety show going on the next night and we decided to check it out.  It was fun and there was quite a lot of talent.  The owner of Chat and Chill provided free rum punch (while it lasted).  It looks like we will be here till the end of the week and then start heading back up to Nassau.

On Sunday we went to Peace and Plenty Beach Club for burgers and beer and after John and took a little swim around the boat.  Monday night we had a full moon and it lit up the harbour.  Tuesday we have some wind and rain coming and we moved over closer to the shore to get out of the wind.

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