Sharks, Pigs, Iguanas Oh My!

On Sunday we moved the boat over to Pig Beach, it was about 30 min ride from Staniel Cay.  We took the dingy into the beach to see the swimming pigs.  The beach was full of people and pigs.  It seems there is a tour from Nassau for $400 that will bring you down to see the pigs, snorkel the grotto, see the iguana, go to a “hidden” beach and get lunch.  I kind of liked my way to see the pigs better.

After that we went back to anchor near Staniel Cay Yacht Club for their Super Bowl party.  I did not care much for the game but I wanted to see Maroon 5…….sigh Adam……..  Let’s just say I was not disappointed.  We had some yummy food and for the first time I noticed that the area near the fish cleaning station was full of sharks, nurse sharks but still they ARE sharks.  

We left Staniel Cay on 2/5 to head south.  We stopped at Bitter Guana Cay to see and feed the Iguanas.  It was an easy dingy ride into shore and as soon as we landed out they came.  After feeding them all the cherry tomatoes we had we took a walk down the beach to a very small cave.  It was cool and from the beach we could see our boat.

We left there to anchor at Great Guana Cay at the Black Point settlement.  A great island and super friendly people.  We did some laundry at Rockside Laundry.  If you need to do some laundry this is the place.  10 washers and dryers and reasonable cost. The cost is $3.75 per wash and dry.  Samual is very nice there and will help you tie up your dingy at their dock.  They also have showers and free WiFi.  After starting our loads we headed to Lorrain’s Cafe for a yummy lunch of cracked lobster and conch fritters.  Add rum punch and you have a perfect meal.  At least in my eye.  I don’t think John will try them again.  We took a little walk and while they have free RO water and trash drop off, donations are suggested.  The mail boat came while we were there so we got a few grapes and a cabbage.  For the grand cost of $17.  Fresh stuff is soo costly here.  Not sure when we will leave but I think we will head to Little Farmers Cay next.

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