Stopping and Smelling The Roses

On 1/25 we left Palm Cay Marina as the weather was much better.  The winds had calmed down enough to head out so we were more then ready to go.  Our plan was to head to the Exumas so off we went.  We were able to make it to Cabbage Cay and got a spot to anchor.  We were there early enough to even swim some.  The water was sooooooo clear.  After we got out I even saw a nurse shark who decided to swim around our boat for awhile.  I am just glad I did not see him while I was in the water.  The weather that night turned rough so we stayed an extra day and read and watched some dvd’s.  I just love me some Firefly!  Even with all the wind and current our anchor held firmly.

On 1/27 we were off again and heading to the Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park.  We were able to get a Mooring ball at Emerald Rock and we were glad to get it.  There was some rain on 1/28.  Yes it even rains here in Paradise.  On 1/29 we took the dingy into the park and walked around  we went up to Boo Boo Hill and even went to see the blow holes (it was low tide sooooo no blowing up the holes).  Boo Boo Hill is named for a schooner wreck off of Warderick Wells where all souls were lost and not a single body was recovered.  It is told that if you walk up there on a full moon you can hear the lost souls singing hymen’s.  Now most people bring a board or something to paint their boat name on and leave it.  I unfortunately did not know about this before soooooo no item left from Dreamers.  After we went back to the boat we took the dingy and paddle board over to the beach to play awhile.  I was not able to get up but John is becoming a master.

On 1/30 we left the park and headed for Staniel Cay.  We had a nice motor sail and got here in record time.  This was the setting for the James Bond movies Thunderball and Never Say Never.  We grabbed a mooring ball and plan to stay for a few days.  We were close enough to snorkel over to Thunderball Grotto and it was worth it.  Since you have to go into a cave the best time is at low tide.  We were close enough to swim on over and enjoy the sights.  I wish my underwater camera had been charged so I could have taken some photos.  We met some new friends (Dan and Becky of C’mon Girl) at the Yacht Club Bar and they dingyed over to our boat and went too.  

So far we have enjoyed the Yacht Club Bar.  I even got a hat.  The beer is good and cold.  Sands Light is no bad at all and I even tried a cool rum drink.  Lunch today was grouper fingers and they were great.  The staff at Palm Cay in Nassau said we had to try them and they were right.  Who knows tomorrow we may head to pig beach.  Just wait till you see those photos.

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