One Tree Island

1/15 we left South Bimini to cross The Great Bahama Bank  it is a 75nm across and 180nm long hunk of ocean.  It is approximately 15 to 18 feet deep along the way.  And boy oh boy is the water blue.  I even saw a cool ship wreck.  It looked like it had been there for a while.  When we started out we knew we had two choices.  We could do an all day and night sail or anchor in the middle of the ocean.  We picked to anchor.  It was a bouncy motor sail and John decided to stop before it got dark.  It was nice to be out in the ocean.  I saw no sea creatures but it was still nice.  At night it was so dark and I felt like I could touch the stars.  It was a bit or a rock and roll night with us walking up about every hour or so.  But as soon as the sun was up we were off again.

As we left the Bank we decided to cross over to Chub Cay to get some fuel and anchor for the night.  It was great and just watching the sun go down can relax a girl.  The next day we headed over to Nassau.  We actually went through some deep water.  Like over 8000 feet deep.  I think it was a part of the ocean called The Tongue of the Ocean.  There was some wind from the north so we picked an anchorage in West Bay.  It has some clear water and we decided to stay there a couple nights, just so we could have a fun day.  The first day we did not have much time to do anything but pick a spot and cook dinner.  The next day we swam, and played with the paddle board.  John got all the way up.  I am still working on my arm strength so I kind of used it like a kayak. Still we had fun.

More strong wind ware coming in for Sunday and into the next week so John made the decision to pop into a marina.  We headed around Nassau passing Atlantis Resorts, some parked cruise ships and Nassau Harbour.  We got a slip here at Palm Cay Marina. And so far we have been here 3 nights.  They have a restaurant (yummy pizza), nice showers, washers and dryers and we can check out a car for 2 hours at a time.  We went to a nice grocery store one day and the next we went drove into downtown Nassau.  OMG!  They drive in the “wrong” side of the road and the car we use has the steering wheel on the “wrong” side of the car.  John drives and my job is to keep saying “drive on the left” or “turn into the left lane”.  It is enough to drive a Ferrell to drink!  I think we may be able to leave Thursday or Friday and then it is off to the Exumas.  I can not wait to get on the road again.

2 thoughts on “One Tree Island”

  1. Nice pictures. The Bimini “wreck” was a practice straffing/bombing target for US flyers during WWII. It’s fun to snorkel there. We have taken our dinghy there from both Honeymoon Harbor and Bimini. Fair winds to you.


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