Bahama Mama

We left No Name Harbour around 8 am on Sunday.  It was a beautiful morning and the winds were right for a crossing.  It was kind of bumpy for a while, till we got into the deep water.  The water was so blue, I can not even describe how blue it is and deep.  At one point it was over 2700 feet deep.  There were several other boats out at the same time going in the same direction.

At around 2 pm we could just make out Bimini.  It took another hour till we got to our marina.  As we were going in the water was soooo clear.  I even looked over and saw a shark in the water.  It looked like the shape of a nurse shark.  We got tied up here at Bimini Sands and John and I filled out the paperwork for him, as the Captain, to take to customs.  It is great weather sunny and around 80 but there is a nice breeze.  There are also biting no-seeums.  Ouch!  Thank goodness we did have some candle things that helped.  We also bought some Off spray the next day.  The water around our slip is so clear you can even see the fish swimming around the rocks.  John just happened to be looking out and saw a large ray jump out of the water.  I saw the splash but not the ray.

Monday we walked to the ferry and went the 150 or so yards over to North Bimini.  We were looking to get a SIM card for John’s phone, maybe some produce, a bottle of rum and have lunch.  We got everything but the produce.  We walked over to Radio Beach and saw a large yacht anchored.  We went to the Dolphin House and saw Heroes Park.  At Dolphin House we were not sure where the entrance was and we went up the stairs.  It turned out to be the owners house and we left right away (after I took Johns photo).  We at lunch at Big Game Bar and Grill.  It was a great cheeseburger.  Some people use conch shells to top their fences.  

We got back to the boat and then spent some time doing laundry.  I have yet to wash on the boat in my bucket but I am sure I will have to one day.  Tomorrow we head out.  On to new adventures.

2 thoughts on “Bahama Mama”

  1. Your journal is awesome! Writings are as beautiful as the photos, wish I could write that well. (I am toying around with different formats for my work.)
    Please keep up the good work sweetie, U2 Heidi.

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