Key Largo, Montego, Baby Why Don’t We Go……To No Name Harbour

We left Miami early on January 8th for a quick run south to Key Largo. John has been looking at the weather and it looks like we will cross over to the Bahamas on Sunday. Since we had a few day we thought we would head south. The day was sunny and very calm. For the most part the water was emerald green and so clear we could see the bottom. We even saw a dolphin under the water right by our boat.

We made it to our anchorage in Key Largo in record time. It was need to travel there and see the mangroves. We are also anchored need a marina so we can make ice runs. There were lots of boats around. The first night it was calm but buggy. Lots of mosquitoes. Why oh why to they alway buzz a persons ear? The next night it was cool and we shut the windows (so no bugs) but the wind picked up and for the first time we drug anchor. It re set (thank you Rocha) and for the rest of the night.

We stayed one more night and watched Ferrus Bueller’s Day Off. Only one of the best movies of our time. Early the next morning we headed back up to the Miami area for a stay at No Name Harbour. I think there are several boats that will be heading out at the same time. We may pick up a buddy boat.

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