I Got My Toes In The Water, My A$$ On The Boat

On January 3rd we left the Fort Pierce anchorage and headed out.  It was cloudy and overcast but still warm.  We enjoyed the day and looked for an anchorage.  What we found was Hobe Sound in Jupiter FL.  The home of the late but legendary Burt Reynolds.  The wind had picked up but the clouds were gone.  We dropped anchor and noticed a spit of white sand and a bunch of smaller power boats playing there for the day.  This seems like THE party place.  I even put my toes in the water.

After a while we decided to take a dinghy ride.  We saw a really BIG boat, a really small “waterfall” and we even went to the beach and walked around.  On our way back to the boat we had some engine trouble, meaning, it stoped working.  John tried to get it started but it just would not start.  We even tried to row back to the boat but the wind and current kept pushing up away.  Luckily there was a family at the beach and they gave us a pull back.  That is why I say boaters are good folk.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and a calm night.  We were up early that morning heading out to our next spot. It was a glorious day and I enjoyed sitting up front in the sun reading.  We passed through Lake Worth.  The wind was whipping up the waves and spray.  That is some salty water.  We passed through Palm Beach and saw the “winter” White House.  We did not get invited for lunch and it was a good thing as I had nothing to wear.   I have to say the size of the boats in that area.   WOW!  I mean WOW!  Palm Beach appears to be the land of lots of money.

We came to our planed anchorage just south of the Lantana Bridge.  It was still early and we did not really like it so we headed on, and on, and on.  We actually went through 15 bascule bridges (one looked like a castle) and ended up anchored in front of some homes in Delray Beach South.  This whole area is a bunch of homes close to both sides of the ICW and also some canals headed inland.  It had a lot of boat traffic. We saw some cool Christmas decorations and that night the homes by our boat were lit up.  I think we will hit up a marina for a couple of nights.  John wants to take a look at the dinghy motor.

2 thoughts on “I Got My Toes In The Water, My A$$ On The Boat”

  1. Hey Heidi, I can tell you are really enjoying yourself and your retirement. I am jealous (LOL). Keep living the dream!!


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