On The Water Again, Just Can’t Wait To Get On The Water Again

Christmas home with the family was great. I got to make cookies, Santa came and Christy’s house was decorated beautifully. We even were able to play some Christmas corn hole. (not me, I have no hand eye coordination, but John won quite a few times)

As much fun as it was to be with the family it was great to get back to our boat. We kept the car for a few extra days to do some major provisioning and see the new Aquaman movie. The movie was great.

John and I were able to finish up some chores.  Do boat chores ever end?  I don’t think so.

We set out heading south on January 2nd and boy oh boy what a day to be on the water.  We saw dolphin and manatee. (Still no good photos of those shy animals)

We found anchorage in Fort Pierce at about 5pm and we started on dinner. The steaks were yummy and we had an awesome sunset to watch.

Sunset before dinner

This morning I woke up after a great sleep being rocked gently to drink my coffee in the sun.


The adventure continues.

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