Stopping and Smelling The Roses

On 1/25 we left Palm Cay Marina as the weather was much better.  The winds had calmed down enough to head out so we were more then ready to go.  Our plan was to head to the Exumas so off we went.  We were able to make it to Cabbage Cay and got a spot to anchor.  We were there early enough to even swim some.  The water was sooooooo clear.  After we got out I even saw a nurse shark who decided to swim around our boat for awhile.  I am just glad I did not see him while I was in the water.  The weather that night turned rough so we stayed an extra day and read and watched some dvd’s.  I just love me some Firefly!  Even with all the wind and current our anchor held firmly.

On 1/27 we were off again and heading to the Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park.  We were able to get a Mooring ball at Emerald Rock and we were glad to get it.  There was some rain on 1/28.  Yes it even rains here in Paradise.  On 1/29 we took the dingy into the park and walked around  we went up to Boo Boo Hill and even went to see the blow holes (it was low tide sooooo no blowing up the holes).  Boo Boo Hill is named for a schooner wreck off of Warderick Wells where all souls were lost and not a single body was recovered.  It is told that if you walk up there on a full moon you can hear the lost souls singing hymen’s.  Now most people bring a board or something to paint their boat name on and leave it.  I unfortunately did not know about this before soooooo no item left from Dreamers.  After we went back to the boat we took the dingy and paddle board over to the beach to play awhile.  I was not able to get up but John is becoming a master.

On 1/30 we left the park and headed for Staniel Cay.  We had a nice motor sail and got here in record time.  This was the setting for the James Bond movies Thunderball and Never Say Never.  We grabbed a mooring ball and plan to stay for a few days.  We were close enough to snorkel over to Thunderball Grotto and it was worth it.  Since you have to go into a cave the best time is at low tide.  We were close enough to swim on over and enjoy the sights.  I wish my underwater camera had been charged so I could have taken some photos.  We met some new friends (Dan and Becky of C’mon Girl) at the Yacht Club Bar and they dingyed over to our boat and went too.  

So far we have enjoyed the Yacht Club Bar.  I even got a hat.  The beer is good and cold.  Sands Light is no bad at all and I even tried a cool rum drink.  Lunch today was grouper fingers and they were great.  The staff at Palm Cay in Nassau said we had to try them and they were right.  Who knows tomorrow we may head to pig beach.  Just wait till you see those photos.

One Tree Island

1/15 we left South Bimini to cross The Great Bahama Bank  it is a 75nm across and 180nm long hunk of ocean.  It is approximately 15 to 18 feet deep along the way.  And boy oh boy is the water blue.  I even saw a cool ship wreck.  It looked like it had been there for a while.  When we started out we knew we had two choices.  We could do an all day and night sail or anchor in the middle of the ocean.  We picked to anchor.  It was a bouncy motor sail and John decided to stop before it got dark.  It was nice to be out in the ocean.  I saw no sea creatures but it was still nice.  At night it was so dark and I felt like I could touch the stars.  It was a bit or a rock and roll night with us walking up about every hour or so.  But as soon as the sun was up we were off again.

As we left the Bank we decided to cross over to Chub Cay to get some fuel and anchor for the night.  It was great and just watching the sun go down can relax a girl.  The next day we headed over to Nassau.  We actually went through some deep water.  Like over 8000 feet deep.  I think it was a part of the ocean called The Tongue of the Ocean.  There was some wind from the north so we picked an anchorage in West Bay.  It has some clear water and we decided to stay there a couple nights, just so we could have a fun day.  The first day we did not have much time to do anything but pick a spot and cook dinner.  The next day we swam, and played with the paddle board.  John got all the way up.  I am still working on my arm strength so I kind of used it like a kayak. Still we had fun.

More strong wind ware coming in for Sunday and into the next week so John made the decision to pop into a marina.  We headed around Nassau passing Atlantis Resorts, some parked cruise ships and Nassau Harbour.  We got a slip here at Palm Cay Marina. And so far we have been here 3 nights.  They have a restaurant (yummy pizza), nice showers, washers and dryers and we can check out a car for 2 hours at a time.  We went to a nice grocery store one day and the next we went drove into downtown Nassau.  OMG!  They drive in the “wrong” side of the road and the car we use has the steering wheel on the “wrong” side of the car.  John drives and my job is to keep saying “drive on the left” or “turn into the left lane”.  It is enough to drive a Ferrell to drink!  I think we may be able to leave Thursday or Friday and then it is off to the Exumas.  I can not wait to get on the road again.

Bahama Mama

We left No Name Harbour around 8 am on Sunday.  It was a beautiful morning and the winds were right for a crossing.  It was kind of bumpy for a while, till we got into the deep water.  The water was so blue, I can not even describe how blue it is and deep.  At one point it was over 2700 feet deep.  There were several other boats out at the same time going in the same direction.

At around 2 pm we could just make out Bimini.  It took another hour till we got to our marina.  As we were going in the water was soooo clear.  I even looked over and saw a shark in the water.  It looked like the shape of a nurse shark.  We got tied up here at Bimini Sands and John and I filled out the paperwork for him, as the Captain, to take to customs.  It is great weather sunny and around 80 but there is a nice breeze.  There are also biting no-seeums.  Ouch!  Thank goodness we did have some candle things that helped.  We also bought some Off spray the next day.  The water around our slip is so clear you can even see the fish swimming around the rocks.  John just happened to be looking out and saw a large ray jump out of the water.  I saw the splash but not the ray.

Monday we walked to the ferry and went the 150 or so yards over to North Bimini.  We were looking to get a SIM card for John’s phone, maybe some produce, a bottle of rum and have lunch.  We got everything but the produce.  We walked over to Radio Beach and saw a large yacht anchored.  We went to the Dolphin House and saw Heroes Park.  At Dolphin House we were not sure where the entrance was and we went up the stairs.  It turned out to be the owners house and we left right away (after I took Johns photo).  We at lunch at Big Game Bar and Grill.  It was a great cheeseburger.  Some people use conch shells to top their fences.  

We got back to the boat and then spent some time doing laundry.  I have yet to wash on the boat in my bucket but I am sure I will have to one day.  Tomorrow we head out.  On to new adventures.

Key Largo, Montego, Baby Why Don’t We Go……To No Name Harbour

We left Miami early on January 8th for a quick run south to Key Largo. John has been looking at the weather and it looks like we will cross over to the Bahamas on Sunday. Since we had a few day we thought we would head south. The day was sunny and very calm. For the most part the water was emerald green and so clear we could see the bottom. We even saw a dolphin under the water right by our boat.

We made it to our anchorage in Key Largo in record time. It was need to travel there and see the mangroves. We are also anchored need a marina so we can make ice runs. There were lots of boats around. The first night it was calm but buggy. Lots of mosquitoes. Why oh why to they alway buzz a persons ear? The next night it was cool and we shut the windows (so no bugs) but the wind picked up and for the first time we drug anchor. It re set (thank you Rocha) and for the rest of the night.

We stayed one more night and watched Ferrus Bueller’s Day Off. Only one of the best movies of our time. Early the next morning we headed back up to the Miami area for a stay at No Name Harbour. I think there are several boats that will be heading out at the same time. We may pick up a buddy boat.

Where am I? Miami.

We stayed in Lighthouse Point Yacht Club for 2 night it was nice to get off the water, do laundry and just hang out. They had a great pool and Tiki Bar. Our last night we met the coolest couple, who gave us some local info on the Hillsboro Inlet. We decided to take it and do a quick ocean jump to the Government Cut. Our height will not allow us to go under the Julia Tuttle Bridge, so we would have had to gone out at Port Everglades anyway. This way we missed 6 bascule bridges. It was a nice motor sail.

We came in and anchored just south of the William Powell Bridge. We had a few neighbors but it was a calm night. We also had a great view of the Miami skyline at night. We will be up and off to Key Largo early and if we like it stay for a few days.

I Got My Toes In The Water, My A$$ On The Boat

On January 3rd we left the Fort Pierce anchorage and headed out.  It was cloudy and overcast but still warm.  We enjoyed the day and looked for an anchorage.  What we found was Hobe Sound in Jupiter FL.  The home of the late but legendary Burt Reynolds.  The wind had picked up but the clouds were gone.  We dropped anchor and noticed a spit of white sand and a bunch of smaller power boats playing there for the day.  This seems like THE party place.  I even put my toes in the water.

After a while we decided to take a dinghy ride.  We saw a really BIG boat, a really small “waterfall” and we even went to the beach and walked around.  On our way back to the boat we had some engine trouble, meaning, it stoped working.  John tried to get it started but it just would not start.  We even tried to row back to the boat but the wind and current kept pushing up away.  Luckily there was a family at the beach and they gave us a pull back.  That is why I say boaters are good folk.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and a calm night.  We were up early that morning heading out to our next spot. It was a glorious day and I enjoyed sitting up front in the sun reading.  We passed through Lake Worth.  The wind was whipping up the waves and spray.  That is some salty water.  We passed through Palm Beach and saw the “winter” White House.  We did not get invited for lunch and it was a good thing as I had nothing to wear.   I have to say the size of the boats in that area.   WOW!  I mean WOW!  Palm Beach appears to be the land of lots of money.

We came to our planed anchorage just south of the Lantana Bridge.  It was still early and we did not really like it so we headed on, and on, and on.  We actually went through 15 bascule bridges (one looked like a castle) and ended up anchored in front of some homes in Delray Beach South.  This whole area is a bunch of homes close to both sides of the ICW and also some canals headed inland.  It had a lot of boat traffic. We saw some cool Christmas decorations and that night the homes by our boat were lit up.  I think we will hit up a marina for a couple of nights.  John wants to take a look at the dinghy motor.

On The Water Again, Just Can’t Wait To Get On The Water Again

Christmas home with the family was great. I got to make cookies, Santa came and Christy’s house was decorated beautifully. We even were able to play some Christmas corn hole. (not me, I have no hand eye coordination, but John won quite a few times)

As much fun as it was to be with the family it was great to get back to our boat. We kept the car for a few extra days to do some major provisioning and see the new Aquaman movie. The movie was great.

John and I were able to finish up some chores.  Do boat chores ever end?  I don’t think so.

We set out heading south on January 2nd and boy oh boy what a day to be on the water.  We saw dolphin and manatee. (Still no good photos of those shy animals)

We found anchorage in Fort Pierce at about 5pm and we started on dinner. The steaks were yummy and we had an awesome sunset to watch.

Sunset before dinner

This morning I woke up after a great sleep being rocked gently to drink my coffee in the sun.


The adventure continues.