A Day Late and A Dollar Short

When we left Titusville on 12/6, John gave me a task to locate a long term marina near our jump out location of Lake Worth.  I started looking in the Lake Worth area and moved backwards closer to Titusville.  Never would I think to do this …….. say 30 days ago.  I found one spot in Lake Worth area for $1900 plus electricity.   Hummmmm not what I want to pay.  

At this point we decided to anchor and have dinner and think on the situations.  Well, luck was with us that next morning and we saw dolphin and located a marina.

Our lucky dolphin!

We located a spot in Telemar Bay Marinia for a decent fee.  It is very calm, close to Satalite Beach and to shopping.  After a good night sleep we took a walk to the beach and has dinner at Hula Moon.  We hope to spend a few day doing some boat chores and then we will come home for Christmas.  I might even decorate the boat for Christmas.

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