3, 2, 1……. Blast Off

With the delay in the launch we decided to have a bit of off the boat fun.  We took an Uber to see the new Robin Hood movie.  It was good, a different telling of the story.  We also did some shopping.  The area with the movie theater had a huge tree and we took our photo with it.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The next day the launch was on, so we took a walk up to the Space View Park to watch.  There were a lot of people there to watch it.  John took a video and I took some photos.  It took about 5 minutes after the launch to hear the sonic boom.  After the launch we waited and watched the first stage booster return to the launch site.  Way cool!!!!!!!!!!!

After the launch we had lunch at Mainstreet Philly Cheesesteak.  It was good and then got our laundry done at the marina.  Early night and then we head out to our next spot.

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