In Search Of: Warm Weather

When we left Beach Marine in Jacksonville Beach it was in search of warm weather and we found it.  All day it was fairly warm but we had clouds and rain.  You know I don’t mind the rain so much when it is warm.  Heading down we saw some beautiful homes. And we also smelled some great restaurants,  they were cooking, hot dogs, french fries, BBQ.  I would have loved to stop but I made a nice lunch for us.  Chicken salad and fruit from our stop at Publix the other day.

All along the waterway we saw lots of cool things including this target.  We did not have any live fire but we were on the lookout.  We passed  an ocean inlet near St Augustine.  The ICW books say it is not a safe one for ocean jump in or out and I can see why.  I also found this great cross. God has his eye on the sparrow.  It looked so large you could see it from far away.  We hear cannon fire from Fort Castillo de San Marcos as we were waiting for the Bridge of Lions to open for us.  The pirate vessel Black Raven allowed us to pass under the bridge first.  But we had our cannon at the ready in case we needed fend off a boarding.

Night came upon us and we anchored at Fort Mantanze.  It was built in 1742 to guard St Augustine’s rear.  While we were setting the anchor I saw this cool elephant cloud.

After a yummy dinner it was sleep and then bright and early we head to our new anchorage.  We found the warm weather but now would like to see some sun.  Is that asking to much?

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