Two Steps Forward One Step Back

11/25 we got back to the boat and we were able to provision and take the rental car back.  After that it was dinner at Luther’s Rare & Well Done and a walk around town.

Yummy dinner place 
Our neighbors
Dessert I wish I had gotten

The next morning we headed south in search of the sun.  Well we had some sun in the morning but clouds and very cold all day.  We passed Hilton Head and Skull Creek, the home of the “Pinckney Painkiller”.  It is the closest thing to a Soggy Dollar Painkiller outside of BVI. We decided to anchor near Turtle Island and it was one LOOOOONG and COLD night.  Neither John or I were able to sleep much.  So we were up early in search of warmth.  Not much warmth to be found as you can see by John but we did make good time and cross into Georgia.  We were leading a small pack of boats and at 9:45am, as we approached the Causton Bluff Bascule Bridge, John call for an opening and the bridge tender started to open and then stopped…….and then it closed.  It appeared to have some issues so as the boats kind of bobbed around in the water they had the bridge checked out.  All the captains made a decision to drop anchor at about 1:30pm to await an opening.  At about 3:00pm we heard it was going to be closed for about 48 to 72 hours.  

We made the decision to head back north, yes folks I said north (not my preferred direction) and we were able to get a slip for 2 nights at Harbour Town Yacht Basin in the Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head.  Sigh……. heater sweet heater!

The lighthouse at Harbour Town

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