The Journey

It has been a while since I posted and a lot has happened.  I will get to that later.  Now let me pick up where I left off.  

On 11/10 we went to the Wacca Wache Marina.  We got there early and John and I spent the day doing some chores.  We hung some hooks, (so we could hang stuff), finished installing a screen door, (to kind of keep out bugs), and we fixed the fenders by getting the lines the right length and installing the fender covers I made and hooked them on the lifelines with the awesome product called “Fender Tenders”.  After that it was an early dinner and sleep.  When we looked out at the area you could kind of see the flood line from Hurricane Florence.

It was then up early and out on the water to make up some time.  We had 6 good but cold hours on the water and we headed to Leeland Marina.  It is in a very protective cove and we tied up for the night.  Showers, dinner and bed.  Such is the hard life on the water.  Ha, ha, ha!

Our plan the next day (11/12) was to head out to Charleston for two nights.  We love going there by car for long weekends and wanted to spend some time sightseeing.  The day was cold and wet all day with lots of fog off and on.  As we were making our way there we got some bad news.  Our brother-in-law Bill passed away from cancer.  We changed our stay at The Harborage at Ashley marina from two night to one week and the next morning we got a rental car and headed home to celebrate his life.

Bill was a wonderful man and he fought cancer for 2 years and never lost his smile.  He always had an inner light about him that was full of love and life.  He will be missed.  It was good to be with our family but on 11/17 we drove back to our floating home.

As it was getting close to Thanksgiving, our plan was to head to Beaufort SC and leave the boat for a week while we spent time with our daughter Katie and our dear friends Bonnie and Richard.

On 11/18 we headed out to an anchorage on the Ashepoo River.  It was a beautiful place.  Quiet and calm the boat was a dream to sleep in all night.  The only thing was the current was running fast and we could hear it.

But the good sandy bottom held tight and we sleept like a dream.  

The next day we did not have to rush as it was only about 4 hours to the Downtown Marina of Beaufort SC.  It was sunny, some what warm and a very nice ride.  After we went through the Ladies Island Swing Bridgen we pulled into the marina.  I would like to say that it was easy peasy but it was not.  We pulled in with a 4 knot current pushing against us and a strong wind off the bow.  The dock master was at lunch so it was just the captain at the helm and his trusty first mate to tie up.  The plan was for me to “jump” of the stearn and tie off.  Well, here lies the problem.  I am not coordinated.  There I said it, I am NOT coordinated!  While no one got hurt or wet, (that had been my thought of what the outcome would be), we still had to make about 3 tries and we were glad for the help of a couple who had been there on their boat.  The four of us got Dreamers tied up and a sigh of relief came out of my mouth that I was not injured or wet!  Again with the wet thing……..I know for a fact, I can see it in my future that I will be wet one day while trying to do something like this.  I just hope the water is warm and clear.  Ha, ha, ha.  

Showers and then we walked around the downtown area looking for dinner.  We found it at a cool place called Luther’s Rare & Well Done.  The food was good and the beer cold.  Back to the boat and a great sunset.

The captain and his mate.
Sunset, glorious sunset.

11/20 we picked up the rental car and headed to Boonville NC for the holiday.

Thanksgiving weekend at the Lasky’s was great. Bonnie and Richard were so wonderful to include us in their celebrations. We got to jump into their annual Thanksgiving dinner with their friends, so I called it the 1st annual Lasky, Swann, Teachey, Ferrell Friendsgiving. We were even able to contribute to the dinner with my sister-in-law’s mashed potatoes and my mother-in-law’s dressing. We ate till our tummies were full and then watched the Cowboys beat the Redskins! Go Cowboys!

Friday brought us clouds but we girls had a day of pampering. Lunch out and then over to European Touch Day Spa for massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Ahhhhhhh how to make a girl feel good.

John and Richard did some guy stuff (does anyone really know what guys do without their women around.) I now do. They go to the hardware store and then have burgers and beer for lunch. Mystery solved! John even came home and made the famous Ferrell Turkey & Dough for dinner.

Saturday we went to brunch and to see the new Grinch movie. I sure LOVE me some Benedict Cumberbatch.

Bright and early Sunday we will be heading back to the boat.  I sure hope we start heading to some warm weather.

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