We be flying!

We left Middle Sound Anchorage on 11/8 after a goodbye visit from our neighbors.

Every night John and I have a nav brief.  That is where we discuss the plans for the next day.  We knew we would have to go through the Cape Fear River and due to the current we needed to plan our approach.  John hit the nail on the head and we flew down the river going 11 kts.  It was a nice day to be on the water, cool and partly cloudy.


After we  got through the river we decided to stay at St James Marina.  It is a very nice gated community and they had a restaurant on site. (Yeah, I don’t have to cook!) Off to the showers and a late lunch.  Awwwwwww John and I both had a juicy bacon cheeseburger and our tummy’s were happy all night.

On 11/9 we left around 8am heading south.  We crossed into South Carolina around 11:30.  The water was some clearer as we were close to the ocean and we saw a few dolphins(they were to shy to allow me to photo them).  Along the way we also saw some great homes, wrecked  boats, casino ships and Santa.  (I sometimes forget we are approaching the holidays.)  I just hope Santa will remember I waved to him when checks his naughty or nice list.

We ended up staying in North Myrtle Beach at Barefoot Marina.  John and I took our first Lyft ride to Walmart for provisions.  It was not bad.  I guess now that will be how we will take short trips.  That night as we enjoyed our beer and cooked dinner we were able to enjoy live music from the restaurant across the ICW.  I am just glad it was music we liked.

This morning we headed out through the Waccamaw River and we had planned to anchor out for the night, but since it will be a very chilly 39 tonight we pulled into the Wacca Wache Marina.  They were great and very welcoming even though they are still recovering from the flood waters Hurricane Florence sent their way.

I can’t wait for it to get warmer!!!!!!!!!!


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