I ain’t afraid of no alligators!

When John and I first dreamed a dream of living the sailing life we would travel from Chesapeake to vacation in the Outer Banks or visit his sister we would cross the ICW near Coinjock and I would have to ask over and over “which way would we be going down the ICW”.  It took a while before I got it!  A lot of the time John’s mom was driving with us and she would just laugh at me and it became known as my bridge.  Well this time I got to go UNDER my bridge heading south and living my dream!

We left Coinjock 11/3 on a cold and very windy morning.  We had 2 plans a “this is where we want to go” plan and an “oh shit” plan.

We headed out ready to cross the Albemarle Sound.  It is a wide piece of water and the weather called for heavy chop.  Your intrepid captain and first mate got to the sound and picked the first plan and away we went.  In at least 4 foot seas.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING rolled and bounced.  I stayed inside and poor John had to brave the winds and he got us through.  My hero!


When we went through the Alligator River it calmed down and found what looked to be a good anchorage. There was even a sailboat already there.  We got there and it was great.  We dropped the anchor like pros and she set in the mud in about 9 feet of water.  We celebrated with some champagne and since we were so tired we went to bed.  While I was in my kerchief and pa in his cap we just settled down for long restful sleep that sneaky wind changed on us and started the waves hitting us broadsided.  Now there was no real issue with that but it was loud, very loud.  John got up to check on things as so not to keep waking me up he stayed in the salon.


Now, I was able to sleep off and on but then “nature” called and I had to get up.  Now I don’t want anyone to freak out but when I put my feet on the floor it was wet, very wet.  So what do I do but call my captain.  It turned out that the waves were hitting the boat just right to push water up into the bilges .  In action we go to pump the water out and while it is not hard it did take some time.

As the sun come up we are pumping and cleaning up the mess and then off we go heading down the Alligator River/Pungo River Canal.  It was a nice calm ride after the day before.   We even passed Mile Marker 100. We had a game plan to head to Belhaven and found The River Forest Marina.  We got here and it is very nice.  They took a hit from the Hurricane but are fixing the piers and damage.  I have to say this is a great place.  The showers are very clean and nice and they have free washers and dryers and golf carts for our use.  So I got a great shower, a whole pile of clean cloths and a tour of the town.  Dinner on the boat and sleep are in my future.

5 thoughts on “I ain’t afraid of no alligators!”

  1. Let the good time roll! And you guys rolled with the punches like pro’s! Looking forward to reading more of your dream-come-true adventure!


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