It’s just some rain honey, you won’t melt!

We spent a 2nd night in Great Bridge to finish up the sale of our car and to do some last minute shopping.  We had all kinds of visitors to say goodbye.  On Wednesday we saw John’s mom Frances and his sister Holly and on Thursday we saw my friend Kim and her hubby Buddy, John’s sister Christy, our friend and former neighbor Pat and our nephew Eric and his wife VeNessa.  It was so nice to have them all wish us well on our new adventure.

Our new home at the Great Bridge Bridge.

Friday morning we we hit the water with some rain and mist.  It was a good 5 to 6 hours till we reached Conjock NC.  We tied up at the Conjock Marina.  The nice dock hands helped us get tied up.  It was VERY nice to have a good warm shower after being damp all day.  It was also cool to already recognize people we have already met.  Everyone is so nice and it will be fun to see how many different people we meet along the way.

Misty morning

We invited Christy to join us for dinner here, as it was on her way home.  We have been hearing about the Conjock prime rib so it was always our plan to eat here.  John and I each got the “small” one.  I did not put much of a hurting on mine so we have plenty for dinner tomorrow.



Our plan right now is to anchor near the Alligator River Bridge.  This will be the first time we have anchored with this boat.

On a sad note.  Over the summer me met some nice people while we were at Tidewater Yacht and I just wanted to say goodbye to Blu.


We lost Blu a few days ago and he will be missed by everyone there.  My heart goes out to his human Ted as Blu walks over that Rainbow Bridge.

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