Day One on the Water

This morning we left Mile Market Zero (otherwise known as Tidewater Yacht Marina).  John was heading out and we said goodby to all our good friends there.  We passed under the Jordan Bridge(no height issues) and followed a long, long, long line of boats to the Great Bridge Locks and through the Great Bridge Bridge.  We docked at the free dock near the new (under construction) welcome center.  If you are available to come visit us Thursday, we are free in the afternoon.

Tomorrow we will finish up the sale of our last car and finish some errands and then on Friday we will head to Coinjock.

Departure Date

Well it looks like we will be ready to head south on 10/31.  We plan to head to Great Bridge for 2 days.  We are not sure if we will be at the welcome center or Atlantic Yacht.  If you are in the area and want to stop by come by on 11/1.  We will keep you all posted as to which location we will be at.