Counting Down!

We are enjoying our stay at Tidewater Yacht Marina and are getting a lot done, but I have placed us on a countdown to start heading south on the intercostal waterway.  T-59 days and counting.  We still have much to do and buy.

John has tested our dingy engine to see how long it will run on a 1lb bottle of propane. (about 20 min, maybe a bit longer)  We plan to run it off of a 25lb bottle but have the 1lb for emergencies.  I have named the dingy “Nappers” since our boat is called Dreamers, but don’t think you can sleep at the helm.

John in “Nappers”

We have also made and installed the line bags.  They will keep the dock lines out of the way and keep the sheets and halyards organized. John has finished the interior floor and stairs.  John found this wonderful product, it looks like teak but is a vinyl.  I just love the flooring, no stinky carpet,  it is easy to keep clean.


And just so you don’t think we are all work and no play we have been having fun too.  Fish & Slips the restaurant here at the marina has started to serve breakfast on the weekends and on Sunday we ate there(yummy) and watched dolphins play in the Elizabeth River.


We also had drinks on Ted’s boat M/V Dream On.  He took us on a tour and told us of his dream to help make it into a way to help veterans (more on that later).  He and Blue(the dog) were great company.


We also had dinner with Michael on the S/V Wedgtail.  Michael hails from Australia and came to the US to pick up this boat.  We enjoyed some great “nibbles”(they were so good, I plan to make some of them) and fresh tuna steak for dinner.  He is so much of a better cook then me.  It was a gourmet meal.  We stayed late in the evening enjoying his stories of sailing The Great Loop(he says we should do it)  It sounds like fun but we are not sure how we feel about taking our mast down.  He plans to head down to the Bahamas just before we go so I plan to follow his blog at to see where the fun places are.


Rounding out the time we have been playing in the pool and enjoying discount movies.  Ahhhhhh the life of a retired person.  As a lot of people say “A bad day on the water is better then a good day on land.”


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