Boat Work and Rain – Not a Good Combination

Well we moved our boat July 23 to Portsmouth Boat Yard.  It was smooth motoring with only one engine (thanks TowboatUS).  Mike and the guys hauled her out to start the prep for the new bottom paint and closing the thru hulls.   Horizon Mike was also there to talk to us about his plan.

And then the rain came, and came and came.  This possible 7 to 10 day job went into 15 days.  Thank you Mother Nature.  At least John was able to do almost all he wanted, make a new thru Hull for the a/c, serviced the propellers by adding new bearings and added new zincs.  The only thing not done was waxing the hull.

While we stayed in the hotel we were able to have a great dinner out with friends Donna and Bobby, celebrate John’s 56th Birthday with family and even had a mini vacation on the Outer Banks with Christy and Bill.  Beach Time!

All and all the work got done and we are back on the boat getting here ready for our trip.

2 thoughts on “Boat Work and Rain – Not a Good Combination”

  1. Look at her out of the water!!! Now everyone is back in their happy place. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. ❤️


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