Rainy Days and Saturdays

Well it has been a while and we have been busy.  John has been making great meals on our grill. And don’t he look handsome doing it!

We have also been doing boat chores.  I installed some new bags to hold our lines.  John installed our can crusher and our new Outland Hatch Covers.  They cover the hatches, block the sun and make it so much cooler in the cabins.  (I like that it makes it dark so I can sleep late!)  Check them out at outlandhatchcovers.com.  It took all of 3 days to get them after we placed the order.

Just so you can not say the Ferrell’s are all work and no play we have also had some pool time.


We did take a trip to Bonnie and Richard’s in Boonville NC to obtain our new licenses and I got in a little kitty love time.  My lap, 2 kitties……..sigh……..love me some Charlie and Wesley.

And back to the title of the post today is Saturday and we are having some big time rain.  We even have a little “river” going down the top of the boat.

We are to move the boat on Monday to Portsmouth Boating Center to start the engine  and fiberglass work we need done.  I hope it stops by then.  Is there a go away rain dance I can do?

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