What I have learned living aboard for one week

So we have been living aboard for about one week and I have learned the following:

  1. I still have way to much stuff!  We sold our house and I thought I had gotten rid of all the stuff I did not need……I was wrong. (that does not happen very often, just ask John)  As we have started going through the boxes of our life, we are getting rid of more and more.
  2. We don’t miss a TV.  We had planned to get a smallish one to watch shows while we are in the marina and then movies later when we would have down time.  I have not missed it and Big Brother is on……….wow, would not have thought that.  We will most likely still get one.  I know, I know, but we will.
  3. If something can go wrong it will.  As you may know we have 2 engines and we replaced one not long after we got the boat.  We had hoped to make at least one season on the old one.  We plan and God laughs.  We moved our boat to pump out the holding tank and coming back we heard a clunk.  John checked and it is appears to be the transmission.  Well at least we will have 2 brand new engines for our trip.
  4. Dinner cooked by us on the boat is better than any meal in a restaurant.  After 2 months of hotel living it is nice to eat our own food.
  5. A beer had on your own boat is the best!

We had some very fresh tomatoes with a big THANKS to Aunt Rita for that cool tomato only knife.  We got it as a gift from her a long long time ago and her words were to use only on tomatoes and never wash it in the dishwasher.  We have followed her advice.  Big shout out to Aunt Rita as she would be 100 this year.  We miss her and her pecan divinity.

We enjoyed a great 4th of July holiday and watched the fireworks from in front of our boat.  They looked cool reflecting off the water of an open slip in front of us.

Now this morning we have some rain.  Will be looking for some leaks.


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