The month of June

Well it has been a busy month and we have gotten a lot done.  We started the month celebrating the 89th birthday of John’s mom, Frances.  Children and grandchildren were there to join the fun.

After that we took our daughter, Katie on a family “driving” vacation.  You know the kind where the kid says “Are we there yet?”  Well Katie is 25 and she asked for this kind of last family vacation.  We went to Tennessee and visited Nashville, Lynchburg and Gatlinburg.  We had a great time honky tonking, going to the Grand Old Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Johnny Cash Museum.  In Lynchburg we visited the Jack Daniels Distillery and took th Angel’s Share tour.  In Gatlinburg we enjoyed a moonshine tasting.  All in all we had a great time.

With all the wonderful time spend with family, work was kind of slow.  John was able to hook up the propane and start the new floors.  I was doing some more sewing.  In addition to the pillows, I made a sun shade for the cockpit, and I made some covers for the propane bottles and lines.  The sun shade is great it was made with Textiline and when we put it up the heat index went DOWN!

We moved most of our personal items on and started to  get organized.  We moved on board on 6/28 and moved to our new summer marina Tidewater Yachts on 6/29.  It was a great move although we did have to motor.  After we docked had a celebratory beer we hit the pool for some cool off time.

Now we start John and Heidi’s Big Adventure!!!!!!

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