Time flys when you are busy

Well it has been about a month since we closed on our house and we have been temporarily living in a hotel while we prep the boat to live aboard.

In that time we have taken a vacation with our dear friends Bonnie and Richard on Hilton Head Island SC.  None of us have been there before and we had a great time with good weather.  We spent the week sitting in the sun, swimming in the pool and floating in the lazy river. When not doing that we did take a cruise to Savannah GA and while we were there took a trolly ride through the historic area.  We also took a boat island tour with Live OAC.  Scott our tour guide took us around all the small islands near Hilton Head.  We saw dolphins and some birds called Americana Oyster Catchers.  If you get down to Hilton Head and want to do stuff on the water, look them up.  We also had a rum tasting at a local distillery.  In between those events we ate and drank at some great places.  One place I would recommend is Skull Creek Boathouse.  They serve a Painkiller that is almost as good as Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke BVI.  Bonnie and I have had enough of them to be able to say that with confidence!


Just so you don’t think the month has been all fun and games we have been working too.  John has finished instilling the new fridge and the new heating and a/c unit.  He has also started prepping the floors inside for the new flooring.  As you can see the stairs inside were curved and if you know me……..you know that is a fall/trip hazard. Thank you John for making that happen to keep me safe!

I have also been busy.  I had to decide on the material to cover the salon settee.  There are just to many choices, but thanks to Holly, Christy, Bonnie, Katie and Kim, I was able to narrow the choices and make a decision.  I have also been sewing a curtain for the sliding door and pillows.  The strips are going on the settee.

We have also ordered the mattress, flooring and the material for me to sew the aft sun shades.

The plan is to move on before the end of June!  Who knows the next post may be when we are on board.

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