Replacing salon windows

Date: 11/27/17-12/1/17   Countdown to departure 11 months

Both of the stationary windows in our salon have been leaking and are cracking and need replacement. The windows are secured with screws. After some research we decided to not use screws and are going to use tape 3M™ VHB 4991 to secure the windows and then seal with DOW Corning 795 caulk.  As the window was removed I was able to see why the windows did not seal well. The screws where machine screws that went into inserts that were screwed into the fiberglass.  These inserts were the source of most of the leaks. Most of the inserts were pulling out of the fiberglass.

Both windows were removed, all screw holes filled and surface cleaned and sanded.  We used the removed windows as templates for the new ones.  Using a template router bit and high speed laminate trimmer we made two new windows.  We applied the the 3M tape around the opening, aligned the new window and pressed it into position.  The tape holds the window tight to the window frame and its curves.  The windows were then sealed using the DOW Corning sealant.

Both sides completed.


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